Booking FAQS

Q: How can I book a consultation?

Every 3 months, an inquiry form will appear on the website, allowing you to submit your idea. 

Q: What should I get ready to submit?

A clear concept is a great start! Collecting reference photos of tattoos you really like can help identify style, placement, flow and other preferences. Where you want to put the tattoo and the size in approximate inches are also important.

Q: I submitted an inquiry, but haven't heard back from you?

All prospective clients whose idea is approved will receive a response within two weeks of submission. Because of the volume of requests, not all projects are able to be accomodated. Preference is given in order submissions are received and to those seeking large scale work on blank skin in artist's preferred styles. Please try again next time and maybe consider altering the idea to better fit these criteria for better chances of being picked.

Q: Are consultations free?

Yes. Consults are used for many things including: meeting the client, discussing options, reviewing references, sizing area, photographing area, going over the process in more detail and answering any additional questions. Once an agreement has been reached, a deposit will be requested ($200-500 depending on size/complexity) which is applied to cost of tattoo at completion.

Q: How long do sessions last?

Large, multiple session projects are encouraged to sit for full days. A typical 12-8pm day consists of around 5-6 hours of actual tattooing. Extra long sessions and mutiple day sits are available for more motivated clients.

Q: How much does it cost?

Tattoos are charged hourly at $200. No charge for stencil/prep/break time while at studio.

Q: Why wont you tattoo the photo I sent you?

All photo references are used for inspiration and will never be copied and no designs will ever be repeated. A custom tattoo artist and client put the energy into creating something original and it should stay that way.

Q: Will you come tattoo me at my house?


Q: Do you do color tattoos?