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Jeremy has been tattooing in VA for over 8 years and is excited about making his mark in the Asheville, NC area. This season will be held in his new, private home studio in Fairview, NC, just outside of town.


Motivated by love, healing, connection and expansion, Jeremy has found real purpose in the art of Tattoo.  He finds inspiration in helping others express and challenge themselves and views the process as a ceremony, designed to match his clients with a piece of everlasting art tailored to benefit them on their journey. The collaboration of these energies is at the heart of the experience and can be a powerful catalyst for growth to the client and tattooer, alike. Of course, not all tattoos require such heavy intent and the lighter, fun side of collecting is certainly available as well!  


His expertise and passion are in black and grey styles. Specifically, he specializes in geometric, dot-work, fine line and realism.  He enjoys putting in long days and offers two- and three-day sessions for bigger projects. 

Art has always been a major outlet of his expression; mainly with precision drawing instruments like pencils and markers, but he also occasionally branches out to other media such as airbrushing, sculpture, soft pastels, acrylics, woodworking and wire wrapping crystals. When he’s not creating, he enjoys soaking up nature with disc golf, hiking, kayaking, and camping.  His own healing is important to him, so he also makes time for mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling, float therapy, journey work and ceremonies. 


He is open to providing guidance towards informed and responsible tattooing, which is often overlooked.  He also enjoys connecting with others, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or to simply say hello! Thanks for visiting

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